5 Ways to Use Analytics for Cloud File Data Migrations

5 Ways to Use Analytics for Cloud File Data Migrations

Why Cold Data Management is an Easy Path to the Cloud

As unstructured data continues to grow exponentially, organizations struggle to control costs for file data storage. Many are turning to the cloud to scale and manage spend.

This Komprise and AWS eBook examines the 5 ways to use analytics to drive your cloud file and object data migration and data management strategy:

  • Understand your data patterns
  • Plan using a cost model
  • Use data to drive stakeholder buy-in
  • Eliminate user disruption
  • Create a systematic plan for on-going data management

Also learn how Pfizer used Komprise analytics to accelerate their cloud data migration to AWS.


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“Komprise helps us make razor sharp business decisions based on data so we can reinvest in areas that are more important to patients.”

– Matthew Braunstein, Director Hosting Data Services, Pfizer


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