The power to know and make the right moves with your data: a 20/20 strategic vision


As we enter a new decade, exponential data growth has put a new spin on the Roaring Twenties. The spiraling costs surrounding this explosive volume are a top concern among IT leaders, but while many see it as a storage issue, Gartner would disagree.

Bad data management leads to spiraling storage costs…The IT industry doesn’t have a storage problem; it has a data management problem.”

—Gartner, 2019

And that’s where Komprise can shift the focus and change the storage game—by helping you know your data and act on it…in that order. Organizations typically store, replicate, and protect all of their data in exactly the same way—because they don’t know their data. Being aware of your data gives you an immense advantage in understanding how to optimize its storage better. And with the power to archive cold data off your primary storage and all the backup storage that contains it, you could save millions in storage costs in the long run with the right data management tool.

Finalize Your Data Management Strategy After Analyzing Your Data

Komprise data analytics tools give you powerful insight into your data management before you have to make expensive purchases, so you can make the moves that make the most sense for your organization. Other vendors give you analytics insight only after you’ve invested in their storage or backup appliance, strategically putting the storage cart before the horse.

We don’t blame them for controlling the narrative, but at Komprise, we do things differently. We believe you are best positioned to make the right moves for your data and should have access to the information that can help you do that. Our Dynamic Data Analytics and Transparent Move Technology™ allow you to do just that—understand and move your data easily without access hassle, vendor lock-in, or affecting performance of mission-critical activities. To us, it just makes sense:  it’s your data, you should have the power to know it, move it, and access it—wherever it lives.  That’s what Komprise Intelligent Data Management is all about.

It’s also why we have a 91% success rate after a PoC. Customers can’t believe what they’ve been missing when they discover the amount of self-defined cold data they have—and have been paying for. Your data and your savings should be in your control. It starts with 20/20 vision and the power to act on it, without impacting users.

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Krishna Subramanian

President and COO, Komprise

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