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In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is (nearly) here, and with it renewed hope for personal life and work life as the vaccines make their way through civilization. We at Komprise are grateful for our customers, partners, our employee family, and the opportunity to make a difference in the world of IT. Below we highlight some recent trends in the data management industry as well as what’s going on at our company.

Latest Happenings in the World of Data Management and Storage:

Google launches 3 new cloud services:

The third-largest cloud provider is making big data investments with the recent launch of new services including Google Dataplex, which Google says can centrally manage, monitor, and govern data across data lakes, data warehouses and databases from a single view. [Komprise Intelligent Data Management also  brings unified visibility to data with analytics to help IT managers make smart decisions about where to store it].

Google Analytics Hub for data access and sharing and Google Data Stream for data replication across multi-cloud environments are the two other new services as reported in Silicon Angle. Simplifying data management and movement is today no easy quest, but these new services speak to the need to make it easier and less risky while still giving IT leaders flexibility to store data wherever they wish.

Decentralized storage management:

Storage is going multi-cloud, as reported in Tech Target. Decentralized storage management is an “emerging technology which breaks data into fragments and scatters them across a variety of cloud-based storage devices, rather than centrally storing in any one cloud.” This can give IT organizations better reliability, guarding against outages by storing all data in one provider, and may also give CSOs more confidence on the privacy front since no provider has a full copy of the data.

Deals on flash:

Spectra Logic’s 2021 Data Storage Outlook reported that the flash market is in over-supply, resulting in lower prices of 10% to 15% in the fourth quarter of 2020 with further reductions expected throughout 2021. The authors findings also covered tiering strategies: “Economic concerns will push infrequently accessed data onto lower cost media tiers.”

Backup failures:

The point of a backup is to protect against damage or loss of the original copy. Yet 37% of backups fail, according to a survey by Veeam. Issues with storage media, backup software, infrastructure and human error are the culprits, reports ComputerWeekly.

Computational storage benefits:

When you need real-time analytics, a computational storage system can deliver the power boost that you need. These systems integrate compute resources (CPUs) either directly with storage or between the host and the storage and can reduce performance bottlenecks. Explains Andrew Larssen at PA Consulting in this article: “When a computer needs to do calculations on a data set, the data needs to be read from storage into memory and then processed. As storage sizes normally vastly exceed memory, the data has to be read in chunks. This slows down analytics and makes real-time analytics impossible for most data sets. By having processing capabilities directly in the storage layer, computational storage lets you avoid this.”

Improving cloud-native storage:

Cloud native investment choices should take into account performance monitoring, data placement, technology upgrades and high availability, according to The New Stack.  The author ends the article with a nod to the importance of observability: “This is critical because, in today’s stateful applications, storage problems are among the key reasons behind application performance problems and availability.”

The Latest From Komprise

Here at Komprise, we’ve been thinking and writing a lot lately about some of the challenges that organizations face in migrating workloads to the cloud as well as tiering and archiving files. The Komprise Path to the Cloud site details the choices IT managers face in these critical strategies. Related to this topic is a new white paper: Cloud Tiering – Storage-Based vs. Gateways vs. File Based. The paper started as a blog post by Komprise CEO and co-founder Kumar Goswami: What you need to know before jumping into the cloud tiering pool.


Our most recent webinar featured an interactive discussion and live demo of Cloud Migration and Transparent Cloud Tiering with Komprise. Check out our Cloud Data Migration and Cloud Tiering webinar. You can peruse other technical sessions on our webinars page, including: Async Replication for Pure FlashArray Files, Cloud-to-Cloud Data Replication and many more data management webinars.


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