Komprise for Nutanix File Data Migrations and Data Management

Last week we announced support for Nutanix and were featured on their blog: Nutanix File Data Migrations and Data Management with Komprise. Here are a few of the highlights from the post, which was written by Paul Chen, Director of Product Management at Komprise.

Paul also recorded this overview demonstration of Komprise for Nutanix:

Key use cases with Komprise and Nutanix covered in the post:

  • Analytics and Planning: In most enterprises, over 80% of data is cold and not accessed in over a year, yet it continues to consume expensive storage and backup resources. Komprise analyzes across your NAS and cloud data to identify the right data to move to Nutanix and the savings you can expect.
  • File Data Migrations to Nutanix: Migrate file data up to 27 times faster with reliable MD5 checksums on every file. Manage hundreds of migrations with a single console.
  • Transparent Data Archiving/Tiering from Nutanix: Cut ongoing storage and backup costs by finding cold, inactive data on file storage and transparently archiving and file tiering data to Nutanix object storage or the cloud. Archived files continue to be accessed exactly as before so users see no change before and after the file migration.
  • Native Access to Tiered Data: Komprise moves data in its native format, so files and objects moved by Komprise can be directly accessed from the destination without needing Komprise or any third-party software.


Benefits of Komprise Intelligent Data Management and Nutanix

As your unstructured data continues to grow, managing data across storage and cloud environments is becoming a bigger challenge. Komprise and Nutanix simplify data management at scale by providing powerful data analytics across all your storage, by making it easy to migrate the right data to Nutanix, and by reducing ongoing costs of managing data on Nutanix.

Next Steps

To try Komprise in your environment and assess how much you can save with Nutanix and Komprise, email nutanix@komprise.com or visit our Komprise for Nutanix page.


Be sure to read the full post on the Nutanix blog: Nutanix File Data Migrations and Data Management with Komprise.

Getting Started with Komprise:

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