The Komprise Konnect Partner Program in the Spotlight

At Komprise we want our customers and our partners to be successful. No compromises. That’s why I’m so excited about today’s announcement: Komprise Expands Intelligent Data Management Partner Program to Accelerate Cloud Data Management. Since the launch of the program, over 50 new partners have been on-boarded, hundreds of partner employees have gone through technical training and certification, and we’ve helped our customers save millions of dollars by analyzing on-premises and multi-cloud environments before costly backup and storage purchases. As more and more enterprise data moves to the cloud, we work closely with our partners to ensure our customers are able to effectively manage cloud cost and complexity.

Here’s an overview of the program and what’s new.

What is the Komprise Konnect Program?

Read more about the Komprise Konnect program. We want to ensure that our product trials and proof-of-value tools are able to be delivered effectively by our partners so they can demonstrate the savings Komprise can deliver on their customers’ NAS footprint and journey to the cloud. We want our partners to be able to enable their customers to adopt secondary object/cloud storage without any disruption to current NAS users or applications. We also want to reduce storage and operational costs by archiving, replicating, and protecting data on any object/cloud/scale-out storage. Finally, we want our partners to be able to take advantage of our partner marketing tools, sales training, and incentives.


What’s new?

Today we announced new Komprise technical training certifications for cloud data migrations and cloud data management. We also announced Fast Finish financial incentives that reward partners with increased sales margins when they help customers get to the cloud faster and smarter. We added new instructor-led training courses in Europe and Asia Pacific, new online training modules and we introduced new partner portal tools, including our popular TCO calculator. This tool helps customers get a detailed breakdown of the cost savings they can expect with Komprise Intelligent Data Management.

What are our partners saying about the program?

We love it when we hear from customers and partners. Our recent Gartner Peer Insights reviews are a great example of customer feedback. In support of our Komprise Konnect announcement today, we heard the following from our partners:

At PKA Technologies, first and foremost we are a customer first driven organization. Striving to achieve world class customer support in all areas of touch, pre-sales, implementation and post sales is what drives us and why we wake up in the morning. Finding a partner like Komprise, who embraces these same traits, and value proposition was very important to us. Working with the Komprise team of professionals we are mutually driven to achieve success for our customers, migrating their data to the cloud, while maximizing their hybrid, multi-cloud investment. I look forward to a long and successful partnership.

Paul Cohen, Vice President of Sales, PKA Technologies

Being an end-to-end solution provider, Mainline works with our clients to make it easy to architect, install, configure and upgrade all types of enterprise storage solutions. For our customers, Komprise has become an integral tool in helping them improve efficiency and effectiveness while reducing costs and risk during their storage transformation journey.

Randy Moeller, Vice President of Sales, Mainline Information Systems

The Sayers partnership with Komprise gives our clients a comprehensive data management solution that offers everything from assessment to implementation. Through the NAS Assessment we’ve developed with Komprise, we provide joint clients valuable insights to better plan their data management before they spend more money.

Joel Grace, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure, Sayers

What is Komprise saying about our focus on partner success?

Here is what our Chief Revenue Officer, had to say:

With Komprise, our channel partners can quickly demonstrate cost savings and business value to customers and become a more effective advisor to their clients. We are focused on ensuring our partners can have the right insights and influence as they guide cloud capacity planning, cloud data management and overall purchasing strategies for their customers.

Mike Munoz, CRO Komprise

Thanks to our partners for their continued support. We’re just getting started!

Be sure to check out today’s announcement on how Komprise has extended its partner program. For more information or to sign up to be a Komprise partner, visit the Komprise Konnect page.

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