Komprise Technical Professional Training and Certification

Working in the technology business entails continuous learning, as the products and use cases are always evolving. In some cases, independent e-learning can be effective but here at Komprise we also believe in the power of the community to learn and adopt new technologies.

To that end, in 2020 we launched the Komprise Technical Professional (KTP) program, an interactive, hands-on training experience and certification on the Komprise solution. KTP includes lively discussions between students on best practices and learnings related to deployment, use cases and more. We’ve already certified over 400 individuals, roughly 80 per quarter, through the KTP program.


These invite-only sessions cover three major areas:

  • Architecture
  • Configuration and deployment considerations
  • Operations (administration and maintenance)

The approach is multidisciplinary: we aim for a blended mix of students across channel partners, alliance partners, customers and prospects. Why is this important? Customers are the best educators and evangelizers of a product. In our sessions, customers will often answer the questions which prospects ask. In turn, our partners, solution engineers and customers can learn from the concerns and challenges which prospects convey.

Often, customers and prospects will swap contact details and speak after the course. Our goal is to excite participants about the technology and the opportunities that Intelligent Data Management brings to an organization, which ultimately can engender confidence and motivate for learning. And, engineers and developers love to get certifications, which they can showcase in their online profiles.

Here’s an example, from Manny Punzo at Technologent.


Our partners find that KTP helps them be more prepared to work with customers and show value quickly. “KTP was a great use of a few hours of our time,” said Manny Punzo, KTP Graduate at Technologent. “The training gave us in-depth technology and hands-on knowledge to understand how Komprise helps with data management.”

It’s also wonderful when customers attend the sessions, as it helps them continue to maximize the value from Komprise. I invited one of my customers to the KTP session last year and his organization had not yet upgraded to the latest version of Komprise; after attending the KTP, he learned about new use cases to help justify the upgrade.

If you’d like to learn more about the KTP certification program, visit komprise.com/ktp or contact your account, partner or customer success manager. You can also email Training@komprise.com.

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