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September: It’s the end of summer and time to vacuum the last of the beach sand out the car, pack the kids off to school and of course, take a look back at key IT and data management industry stories.

Storage, Data and IT Infrastructure Trends

Customers Look to the Cloud to Mitigate Storage Pains

State-of-Unstructured-Data-management-Report-ThumbnailKomprise released the “Komprise 2021 State of Unstructured Data Management Report” based on responses from 300 storage IT decision makers in the U.S. and U.K. Key findings as reported by VentureBeat: “Sixty-three percent of companies are already managing over 1PB of data with 30%+ IT budgets spent on data storage and backups — and most organizations expect these costs to go up in 2021.” Blocks & Files calls out that while organizations want to migrate to the cloud in response to growing data, a lack of visibility is hindering those plans.

The performance needs of new workloads in application development, AI, and analytics are driving adoption of flash-based object storage.

Object Storage in the Fast Lane

Object storage has traditionally been viewed as “cheap and deep,” known for low cost and massive scale but not performance. Blocks & Files cites an ESG report that the performance needs of new workloads in application development, AI, and analytics are driving adoption of flash-based object storage. This is another indicator of how pervasive object storage adoption has become across the industry.

Can SSD Displace the Kings of Capacity?

Not so fast! According to Horizon Technology, despite price declines and increasing adoption, SSDs are not on track to unseat spinning disk as the dominant storage for enterprise. HDD shipped capacity increased by approximately 25% between 2018 and 2020, hitting 1 ZB (one billion terabytes) last year, the article states. “By 2024, HDD will remain the primary storage technology regardless of use case, with 54% of total stored data captured on spinning platters, per IDC’s projections.”

Shadow IT: A Good Thing?

Shadow IT has been a sore spot for companies, with employees purchasing and deploying new technology and services without going through IT. It’s no surprise that cloud has changed the way businesses consume IT. Protocol reports that shadow IT has become so normalized that vendors are changing their sales models to target these buyers. In the article, Netskope CIO Mike Anderson says: “We have to shift our mindset from a control organization to an empowerment and enablement situation. But we have to do it in a secured, governed way.”

Feds in Cloud..Moving Right Along

While Covid-19 has accelerated cloud adoption in many sectors, Meritalk says the U.S. government is seeing clear benefits from years of cloud adoption strategies, including the ability to rapidly respond to challenges, leverage cloud tools, and gain environmental benefits from data center consolidation.

Says the EPA’s CIO Vaughn Noga: “To me, it’s a mission imperative to look at what we can identify and migrate to the cloud and increase our agility. The ability to scale up and scale down based on seasonal requirements is certainly huge.”

Komprise in the News

Big Pharma = Big data

Komprise co-founder and COO Krishna Subramanian wrote for Forbes on trends regarding data management in drug development. As pharmaceutical organizations look to accelerate discoveries and leverage existing data for future breakthroughs, they are adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning to be more efficient and accurate.

“This raises the need to optimize data storage for cost and space efficiency while ensuring these petabytes and zettabytes of information are not just stored securely but are also easily accessible and shared in global collaborative initiatives,” Subramanian writes.

Komprise Looks to the Future

Well into a year where Komprise has seen record growth Komprise co-founder and COO Krishna Subramanian talked with TechTarget about her vision for the company.

Master Class on Data Management at Duquesne University

Matt Madill of Duquesne University sat down with ITPro Today to discuss his strategy for unstructured data management. Leveraging Komprise to manage data across on-prem enterprise arrays and multiple clouds (AWS, Azure, and Wasabi), Duquesne is saving a bundle.

Data Management is Everyone’s Responsibility

Komprise co-founder and COO Krishna Subramanian talked to Jaxenter about the importance of data management for business leaders to optimize costs, security and ensure a future proof strategy. “Educate your business stakeholders on the data lifecycle,” she says. “Data management is fluid – not a set and forget exercise. And this requires new thinking and awareness.”

Upcoming Events

The California Virtual Digital Government Summit

Join Komprise along with government IT leaders in this one-day, free event on September 14. Learn about the latest public sector practices for digital innovation, cloud and data management. Register here.

The 2021 Komprise State of Unstructured Data Management 

Analysis, Insights, Recommendations

Live Webinar: Sept. 15 2021 at 9am PT / 12pm ET

The recently published Komprise State of Unstructured Data Management Report found a prevailing interest in analytics, followed closely by data lakes, to foster better ROI from data management.

Join the Komprise team to review the highlights of the report. We’ll discuss the implications for storage leaders in the enterprise and share key insights and recommendations from the report:

  • 65.5% spend more than 30% of their IT budgets on data storage.
  • 1/3 acknowledge that +50% of data is cold while 20% don’t know.
  • 42% are interested in tagging data for future use and enabling data lakes.

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