Komprise Customers Saving Big on their Journey to the Cloud


Computer Weekly recently published a great story about Komprise customer, Carhartt: Carhartt shifts old data to the cloud with Komprise. The case study reviews how the US-based workwear manufacturer cut storage costs by 60%, and within Azure from $1 to $0.25 per gigabyte by deploying the Komprise intelligent data management solution. Carhartt shifted old files from their datacenter to Microsoft Azure Blob and Cold storage, taking advantage of the new Komprise capability that allows customers to easily migrate file data to Azure Files and Azure NetApp Files as well as manage the lifecycle of files in Azure NetApp Files. In the article, Earl Williams, systems engineer at Carhartt, highlights the benefits of Komprise simplicity and ease:

It doesn’t take the user five minutes to open a file, and remote regions can access content on the Azure cloud.

Komprise has a proven track record of customer success. Here are some common comments we hear when Komprise is first demonstrated to a data storage team:

“Why didn’t I hear about this sooner?”


“There’s nothing in the market like this today.”

Or even,

“You shouldn’t migrate to the cloud without Komprise!”

Gartner Peer Insight Reviews

One of the first places to look when hearing about Komprise is Gartner Peer Insights. In the File Analysis Software category, the company was ranked highest overall by customers this year and highest in terms of services and support. Read our summary on the #1 file analysis software vendor. A few headlines include:

Thanks to the Komprise customers who have taken time to share their feedback! If you’re a customer and want to post a review, please check us out on Gartner Peer Insights.

Customer Case Studies and Videos

There are some great published stories on the Komprise website, but we’re always looking for more. Here are 3 things each of these stories has in common:

  1. Cloud.
  2. Cost Savings.
  3. Simple. Easy. Fast.

In two recent videos focused on higher education, it’s clear that Komprise is not just solving legacy data storage challenges. Komprise is delivering the visibility you need through actionable analytics that allow you to manage data across on-premises and cloud infrastructure and ultimately make better strategic (and financial) decisions.

Duquesne University Leverages Komprise to Archive Cold Data

“What drew us to Komprise was the ability to look at the data and take action on it.”

Komprise For Higher Ed: Interview with Steve DeGroat, Yale University

“This is visibility that didn’t exist before.”

Regardless of the industry or geography, Komprise has consistently been able to cut overall data storage costs in half and reduce enterprise cold data costs for our customers by 70% or more. If you’re new to Komprise, take a few minutes to learn about the power of our Intelligent Data Management platform or better yet, schedule a demo with our team to learn more.

Check out more Komprise customer stories. If you’d like to be featured on the blog or work with us to share results in a case study or webinar, please connect with your Komprise account manager. When it comes to migrating to the cloud and managing your growing volumes of unstructured data, this is not the time for compromise. This is the time for Komprise!


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