Heading to Dell Tech World to Bridge the Enterprise NAS & Object Storage Gap


As enterprise data continues to grow exponentially, it becomes harder for organizations to keep all of their data on primary network attached storage (NAS)—especially when you consider that most 2018 IT storage budgets are staying flat. The majority of this growth is in unstructured data such as e-mails, documents, videos, photos, audio files.

Leveraging a secondary object storage can provide a cost-effective way to store data but two obstacles to doing so have been: a) what data can I move to an object storage, and b) how to ensure that users and applications don’t have to change behavior to access the moved data.

Komprise will be at Dell Technologies World 2018 (booth #1243) unveiling exciting new capabilities in Komprise, and demonstrating how intelligent data management overcomes obstacles and bridges the gap between Enterprise NAS solutions like Dell EMC Isilon or Unity and object storage solutions like Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS).

While we hope you meet with us at the Dell Tech World (you just might win a Yeti Cooler for doing so), I thought I would take a moment to quickly, and at a high level, share how simple it is to gain visibility across your storage silos and set a policy to move that data to ECS.

Within about 15 minutes after setup, Komprise starts delivering analytics on how all of your enterprises NAS data is growing and being used such as the breakdown of your data by time of last access featured below.

With the insight provided by this analytics, it is easy to understand how much cold data you have and set policies within the Komprise plan editor to interactively see the ROI of moving data from your enterprise NAS to a secondary storage target like Elastic Cloud Storage.

Once you have set a policy simply activate it and Komprise starts moving the data. Data that Komprise moves still appears to users as if it is stored on the primary NAS. When a user or an application accesses this data, Komprise automatically recalls the data, preventing any disruption.

This was just a glimpse of the power of Komprise.  For a more in-depth look, schedule a demo, or:

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