Government IT Providers Grow Adoption of SaaS with Komprise

Governement agencies are under pressure to do more, with less. With the growing use of technology, more data is being generated than ever before.

Government Agencies are Under Pressure to do More, with Less

With the growing use of technology, such as bodycams, more data is generated than ever before. Storage costs are climbing and backup of the growing data footprint is too slow and cumbersome.

Government agencies are using Komprise to cut costs and shrink backups, by transparently identifying and archiving cold data to the cloud.

In cases where IT acts as a central service provider, IT is able to cater to each department’s unique data management needs—using Komprise, to grow adoption of Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS).

“Managing data growth within lean budgets is a key priority. By identifying cold data and managing it differently, we are able to do more with less.”

-Wendy Casesar, Director of Information Technology, Harris County

Case Study

Read about how a Government Service Provider and a Government Agency use Komprise Intelligent Data Management to transparently archive data and cut storage costs.

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