Unstructured Data Management Strategies in the GenAI Age

Unstructured Data Management In the Age of Generative AI 

Guidance for the Next Generation of Unstructured Data Management Challenges

Despite the fact that rules and standards remain in development, it’s possible to establish basic data management principles when working with the unstructured data that feeds AI tools.


The paper reviews:

  • AI data management principles included in the security, privacy, lineage, ownership, governance (SPLOG) framework;
  • How to protect and segment data in generative AI;
  • How to track and audit data in generative AI;
  • The importance of guardrails for employees;
  • The role of unstructured data management in AI.

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    How generative AI technology and the laws and industry standards relating to it will evolve is a work in progress. Yet it’s clear that the ability to define and enforce basic data governance standards will be paramount for taking full advantage of AI solutions without assuming unnecessary risks. Read this paper to review data management strategies for successful GenAI initiatives.

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