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Komprise is a global software company, with employees dispersed across North America, Europe and India. Recently, we spoke with several members of the Komprise team to find out what they like about working at Komprise. If you’re looking for new opportunities in engineering, UX, product management, customer success and more in the exciting world of intelligent data management, check out our jobs page on LinkedIn.

Randy Hopkins

VP Systems Engineering:

“As a solution engineering leader, I like Komprise because we deliver a unique and different solution to an old but very difficult problem that customers just love. I wake up jazzed and energetic to make a huge difference by solving our customers approach the data challenges.”

Ratandeep Kaur

Software Engineer:

“At Komprise, I have the opportunity to work on different technologies as long as they are useful to the product. I’ve learned a lot by working on the full stack and I’m also expanding my knowledge in cloud storage.”

John Johnson

Director Inside Sales:

“The executive and leadership teams truly care about their employees and their customers success. I feel like we’ve accomplished a decade’s worth of progress within the one year I’ve been here.”

Biju C P

Staff Software Engineer:

“The culture at Komprise is very approachable. People are great about helping each other and sharing knowledge. Frequent casual get-togethers as a team and playing sports are keeping us much closer. I am getting great opportunities to work in my areas of experience and solve interesting problems.”

Rohit Athikari

Staff Software Test Engineer:

“Komprise is a vendor agnostic product, so I get to work with our partners in the market such as AWS and Azure in terms of qualifying those products. I get to learn about all the products in our space so I am always upskilling.”

Michael Del Castillo

Regional Sales Director:

“Komprise gives me an opportunity to be part of something bigger than my daily work. I provide real time input into product direction to meet the changing needs of the Federal government. Everyone at Komprise is important and has an opinion that is valued and respected.”

Nisarga Madhav

Backend Engineer:

“There are different kinds of challenging problems to solve here at Komprise, which is what I really love to do. I get to implement core pieces of the product and work with people across the company – from UI, product management and the QA team.”

Somansh Reddy Satish

Backend Engineer:

“I started at Komprise as an intern, working daily with senior engineers who had a lot of knowledge to impart. Whenever I have questions, people take time to help me understand not only the feature but also why certain changes were made in order to develop that feature efficiently.”

Kate Lapan Fox

Software Architect:

“There are lots of interesting problems to solve at Komprise and I get to wear a lot of different hats. I’ve also been able to advance from a principal engineer to an architect.”

Nahush Bhanage

Principal Engineer:

“I love solving challenging problems with file systems and network protocols. Komprise is a great place to work because we have innovative ideas for solving real problems for customers and I get to work with a group of really brilliant and fun people. Plus we’re a dog-friendly culture and I love dogs!”

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