Intelligent Data Management at Cadence

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. selects Komprise Intelligent Data Management Solution.

Cadence Design Systems Selects Komprise

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. is deploying the Komprise Intelligent Data Management solution.

Cadence plays a key role in the electronics and semiconductor industry, providing design automation software and engineering services, vital for innovation. By trusting Komprise, Cadence gains visibility across its global storage infrastructure and transparent data archiving—cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

The Komprise Architecture

A key reason why Komprise is a great fit for engineering and semiconductor firms, is our scale-out, adaptive architecture.

The Komprise software runs on-demand and non-intrusively in the background, while analyzing and managing data with performance.

Major factors that led Cadence to choosing Komprise:

  • Visibility into data growth & usage across storage – Komprise provides visibility into how data is growing and being used, across all NFS, SMB/CIFS, REST/S3. Since over 50% of data is rarely accessed after a year in these environments, the savings of moving this footprint to the cloud are substantial.
  • No disruption to production engineering usage – Since engineering is actively using the primary storage, they cannot afford to have any data management solutions that disrupt performance on these shares. Komprise runs in the background and throttles itself back to be invisible to active usage on the primary storage.
  •  Transparent file-based access to moved data in the cloud – Komprise moves data to targets of the customer’s choice (cheaper NAS, object storage, or cloud) and preserves transparent file-based access to the moved data. Users and applications continue to see and access their data exactly as before, without any disruption. This way, the business can save substantially by leveraging cloud/object storage without any changes to user and application access.
  • Linear scaling to handle billions of files, petabytes of data – Komprise scales linearly by simply adding more virtual machines – there are no central databases, servers or bottlenecks that limit scalability. Komprise is designed to be highly efficient with minimal footprint and to handle billions of files, petabytes of data, and thousands of shares, with ease.

The Modern Approach to Data Management

Komprise eliminates the cost and complexity of legacy data archiving solutions.

An analytics-driven data management software, working across on-premise and cloud storage, Komprise empowers businesses to manage data growth at massive scale, while unlocking data value. A patent-pending solution,

No Agents, No Complexity
No agents, no dedicated hardware or storage, no complex setup or proprietary integration. Komprise delivers native access to data in the cloud and is delivered as a hybrid cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

So, Why Komprise?

“Komprise stood apart from other solutions we evaluated because it provides visibility across our storage infrastructure and manages data at scale at a fraction of the cost,” said Carl Siva, senior IT group director, Architecture and R&D Solutions at Cadence.

“We had Komprise up and running in minutes, and we quickly gained insight into how much of our data was not being actively used, so that we could archive it to the clouds of our choice, all without any disruption to users or applications. As our business grows, our data grows, and Komprise offers flexibility to meet the requirements of our business.”

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