Is Zombie Unstructured Data Haunting You?


It’s that Halloween time of year again, which brings to mind all types of scary matters such as witches, ghosts, goblins, and ZOMBIES! But, we all know that Halloween is not the only time of year we should be worrying about these things. (They are all real, right?) Whether you believe in these scary apparitions or not, one thing that is very real is… ZOMBIE DATA! (cue the scary ch ch ch, ah ah ah Friday the 13th sound effect filling in zombie zombie zombie, data data data for full affect)


Different people and companies will have different definitions, but all will agree that ZOMBIE DATA is data that is no longer needed, but is still hanging around. In fact, you probably have a ton of Zombie Data on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone right now – old pics of nothing, bills that you already paid and don’t need anymore, crappy recipes that you will never make again, stuff like that. Just like its namesake, ZOMBIE DATA is notoriously hard to kill and can cause you pain ($$$).

At Komprise, when we talk about ZOMBIE DATA we are referring specifically to network attached storage (NAS) file data that is owned by users that are no longer with the company. Most of the time, this data is sitting on a company’s expensive NAS array taking up not only expensive primary storage space, but likely being replicated and maybe even backed up, so storing this ZOMBIE DATA comes at great expense to customers.

Dealing with Zombie Unstructured Data

Komprise is like the double-tap killshot for ZOMBIE DATA. We can help companies: identify data owned by users that are no longer with the company (see Diagram 1), show you exactly where that data resides (Diagram 2), and allow you to either move that data out to a cheaper tier of storage (think AWS, Cloudian, Wasabi, really any NAS or S3 object target on-prem or off) or move to a trash folder to be deleted for good.

Diagram 1: See those users listed at SIDs instead of names and long scary dark blue lines? That’s OLD crusty ZOMBIE DATA – Users are no longer active and the data hasn’t been accessed in over 3 years (!) Now, that IS scary!

Diagram 2: Boo! Easily find and locate Zombie Data with Komprise Deep Analytics.

We’ve got your back. For a deeper look into ZOMBIE DATA in action and how you can take control, watch our TechKrunch session on data analytics and modeling.

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