Expansion of Data in the Cloud is Relentless – How this Impacts You

Cloud storage is growing at a staggering rate! Unstructured Data is growing to 175ZB by 2025 (from 40ZB in 2019), according to IDC. Even more noteworthy is the fact that 50% of this data will be stored in public clouds. The rate of movement to the cloud is accelerating at an exponential rate!

What are the implications of this movement we’re experiencing? One of the reasons behind this growth is due to applications running in the cloud which then generate data. Another reason is that more data is being replicated, backed up, and archived to the cloud and this in turn enables new applications that re-use that data. As you’ve all heard, data is the “new oil” that enables a company to better understand their customers and their processes, thus enabling change that fuels their growth.

Furthermore, the public cloud is a perfect infrastructure for developing one global data lake for an organization. The cloud isn’t just about creating one centralized storage. Rather, this centrality with its ubiquitous access enables a company to more readily distribute and collaborate across an organization.

The best thing is that the cloud is easy. It’s easy to fire up new accounts, buckets, and applications that create, store, and use the data. Though, with this ease comes costs. Unlike on-premises where certain organizations are tasked with purchasing and managing storage with the ease of the cloud, this function can be relegated and distributed to a wider set of people. This results in unthwarted “bucket sprawl” and shocking monthly fees, since everything is “pay as you go”.

Gartner states that the high cost of storage is due to poor data management. This will become even more true for cloud storage. To control costs without stymying productivity or agility, you need an easily available “birds eye view” of what’s going on across your cloud deployment, accounts, and buckets. You also need the ability to slice and dice that data to understand what’s growing, how much, and who is creating it. This is the first step towards better and much needed cloud data management.

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