A New Class of Interns at Komprise

At Komprise India, we started our 6-month internship program in January of 2020. The internship program offers Computer Science under-grads opportunities to work in the different engineering teams within Komprise, with exposure to various engineering aspects including backend and frontend development, file systems, manual testing and automation. This gives them a comprehensive, end-to-end grasp of our Intelligent Data Management platform, dealing both with highly scalable cloud services and highly performant file system and low-level components. They also get to experience modern engineering processes, which helps us deliver our innovative solution to customers at a very quick pace. In addition, working on our product also helps them understand how analytics-driven data management works and how cloud infrastructure is key to the story.

We recruit our interns from the top engineering colleges in the country during the campus recruitment cycles conducted every year. In 2019, we visited 3 colleges and hired 4 interns and 3 full time engineers. The interns started with us in January of 2020 and went on to join our ranks as full time Software Engineers upon graduation in July. We are now happy to welcome our next batch of promising interns. We look forward to working with them and having them join us full-time once they have successfully completed the rigorous action-packed internship and have graduated from college. Despite all of the difficulties in the world, 2020 was a great year for campus recruitment for Komprise. Komprise visited 9 campuses where close to 1000 students appeared in our online coding test. We shortlisted close to 100 students for interviews, which helped us select 6 interns and 5 full-time hires, hand-picked from these 9 colleges around the country.

Introducing our New Class of Interns

Kashish-OberoiKashish Oberoi
I am ecstatic to start my journey in Komprise, which will significantly unfold my underlying potential to build a laudable career in software development. I hope to cherish every bit of this new learning journey and contribute my bit to the Komprise family.

Someshwar-BalaramanSomeshwar Balaraman
I look forward to learning new things in this internship and gaining hands on experience in the subjects I have studied till now. I am eager to know how the industry functions and I believe Komprise is the right place to gain this experience. I am very excited to join Komprise and start my career here.

Nishikanth-CSNishikanth CS
I am excited and thrilled to join Komprise and start my journey. I wish to learn and to contribute to the team. I am thankful to Komprise for this opportunity.

Sahil-GuptaSahil Gupta
I’m looking to learn and work on new technologies to improve my skills and for some great personal growth.

Sourav-AgrawalSourav Agrawal
To improve my skills by continuous learning and constantly grow as an individual by making the most of this opportunity

Aparna-MrityunjayAparna Mrityunjay
I look forward to gain knowledge and work skills from everyone and to be able to put my best efforts and help build a great product.

We would like to welcome the interns to Komprise and wish them great success. Of course, we are currently operating remotely, but our hope is that we’ll be able to connect face-to-face in our Bangalore office sometime soon.

If you are interested in knowing more about Komprise or join our internship program for the next year, please visit our careers site or emails to us at jobs@komprise.com.

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