Smart Data Migration for Azure

Smart Data Migration for Azure

File and objects data’s time for the cloud has come, but the wrong move can cost you millions.

Migrating on-premises applications such as file workloads, high-performance computing (HPC) and analytics requires identifying and migrating tens of terabytes to several petabytes of file data stored on NAS appliances and other on- premises storage to the right tier of Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files and Azure Blob Storage.

This paper introduces the benefits of a Smart Data Migration strategy for file workloads to reliable, scalable, and secure cloud storage services on Azure. Together, Komprise and Azure enable your organization to:

  • Understand your NAS & object data usage and growth.
  • Estimate the ROI of Azure in your environment.
  • Migrate smarter to Azure File and Azure NetApp Files.
  • Easily integrate ongoing data lifecycle management.
  • Access moved data as files without stubs or agents.
  • Reduce complexity and scale on-demand.
  • Deliver native data access in the cloud without lock-in.

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    “We are excited to work with Komprise on delivering a valuable service so that our customers can more easily and reliably move file data from expensive on-premises NAS devices to the cloud native storage services on Azure.”

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