How it Works

Managing data efficiently has never
been simpler: Analyze, Plan, and Go!


analyserAnalyze  :  Simply point Komprise at your storage, and in minutes get insights into your data growth and usage

Plan : Set and interactively forecast the ROI of various data policies

goGO  :  When ready, simply activate the plan. Komprise transparently moves, copies, and manages data based on your objectives to targets you choose – on-premise or cloud.  All the data is seamlessly accessible from your existing storage with no changes to users or apps

Why Komprise

Raises the bar on simplicity and efficiency

The Komprise Difference How it impacts you
No hardware to deploy Simple 15 minute setup with no upfront costs
No storage agents Works across all your storage
No stubs User and application access unchanged
No impact on hot data path Performance is same or even better
No scaling limits Seamless to scale on-demand
No silos See data usage and growth across all your storage
No costly licenses With sub-cloud pricing, save 70%+ on every terabyte
No complex configurations Adapts to your environment and runs invisibly so you can get your weekends back