Data On The Move with Randy Hopkins: Maximize Data Storage Savings

How to get cost savings on your Data Management. Watch the interview with Randy Hopkins, VP of Global Systems Engineering.


Maximize Data Storage Cost Savings

How to reduce your data storage costs with the right Unstructured Data Management strategy. In this Data on the Move video, we interview with Randy Hopkins, VP of Global Systems Engineering at Komprise, talks Smart Data Migration, Intelligent Data Management and the importance of an analysis-first approach to file and object data management.

Randy walks through the factors that can have an impact on the cost of your data – from volume, to age, type, classification and where it is being stored. Then he outlines some of the initial Komprise Analysis findings, such as:

  • 50-70% of enterprise file and object data is typically cold
  • Unstructured data volumes are doubling annually (as least)
  • The amount of savings customers typically achieving per petabyte

Komprise Intelligent Management is used to analyze then intelligently move (migrate, tier, replicate, confine, etc.) data to the right storage platform and tier and ensure data is reaching the right teams, applications, analytics or AI infrastructure at the right time through automated data management (also known as data services) policies.

Infographic: Hot Tips for Managing Cold Data

One of the key points from Randy is: KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. This infographic is a useful way as you think about managing and moving cold data.



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