Scality RING and Komprise Data Management

Extend Capacity Simply, Transparently

Data growth is a reality, and managing storage to optimize access and TCO can sometimes seem like opposing goals. They’re not. Scality and Komprise work together seamlessly to keep all data available and ensure that organizations and users get the most from their data and their data storage budgets. Our joint Enterprise Data Management Solution integrates Komprise’s outstanding data-aware management with Scality’s award-winning RING Software Defined Storage (SDS) to deliver the combined benefits of Komprise’s insight and data management automation with Scality’s hardware flexibility, unlimited linear scale, 100% availability and 14×9’s of durability for a TCO reduction of as much as 90%.

Key Benefits

  • Lower Costs
  • Zero Disruption
  • Safer Data
  • Simple to Use



Scality & Komprise Solution Brief

Extend Capacity Simply, Transparently

Scality & Komprise Webinar

Simplified data management and analytics for the enterprise