How to quickly migrate to your new flash NAS and keep it humming

You’ve just bought a spanking new, super-fast flash NAS

You want to migrate the data off your old HDD NAS as soon as possible, as cost-effectively as possible and without tons of manual labor and oversight. You’ve used free tools like robocopy in the past but they are unreliable and require a lot of hand-holding and to speed up migration. You need to run multiple of them simultaneously. You will also need to ensure that all of the millions of files are transferred flawlessly. You have to oversee all of these parallel operations and manage all the failures manually. It’s not easy.

The new Elastic Data Migration features of the Komprise Intelligent Data Management Platform may be just what you have been looking for. Komprise can migrate data from your current NAS to your new Flash NAS.  It will run multiple operations in parallel and provide you with one aggregate report per share telling you how it went, how much time it took and if there were failures and if so what files were involved and why.

Here’s how it works:

  • For each share you want to migrate, select a share on the new flash NAS and start the migration.
  • Komprise will migrate the data from the old to the new share and then continuously repeat the process to re-copy any files that have since been modified. It will automatically use multiple threads to parallelize and speed up the effort.
  • When very few files are left, a final copy iteration can be initiated to finish the migration.
  • You’re done


Keeping your flash NAS clean after the migration

Once the migration is finished, you want to make sure the investment in your new Flash NAS is being used wisely and cost effectively. What you don’t want is to fill up your Flash NAS with cold data that’s not being accessed. Komprise can really help here to save your organization on data storage costs and make you a hero.

The Komprise Intelligent Data management Platform analyzes your new Flash NAS and provides you with how much data you have, how fast it’s growing, and how much of that data is hot and cold. Not only is this great for capacity planning and budgeting, you can then set simple policies like “move all the data that has not been accessed in more than 6 months old” to ensure that the Flash NAS never fills up! The cold data can be moved to your old NAS or to another secondary storage target like a public or private cloud.

When cold data is moved by Komprise, a dynamically managed symbolic link that looks and behaves like the original files is left in its place so users and applications can still access the cold data from the Flash NAS. Komprise Transparent Move Technology (TMT) ensures that users and applications are not disrupted and it allows IT to make these sorts of decisions without having to ask for permission.

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