Cut NAS Costs & Streamline Cloud Operations With Komprise & AWS

December 12th @ 9:00 am PT  |  12:00 am EST

See how you can manage your NAS data efficiently and cut 70%+ of costs, by attending this live webinar and demo of Komprise Data Management and AWS. Attendees qualify for a free data assessment and trial!

Two Steps to Cut your NAS Costs featuring Komprise with IBM Cloud Object Storage

October 26th @ 8:00 am PT  |  11:00 am EST

As data continues to grow into petabytes and beyond, IT organizations realize that storing and protecting all data on primary NAS is inefficient, expensive, and untenable. Join Komprise and IBM in this joint webinar to learn how to manage data growth and cut NAS costs in two simple steps.

How Cadence cuts NAS costs
and adopts cloud with Komprise

On-Demand: August 23, 2017

Join Cadence and Komprise for this joint webinar and learn:

  • The challenges Cadence faced with managing data growth
  • Major benefits that led Cadence to choose Komprise as their data management solution
  • How to manage at scale – petabytes of data, millions of files
  • How to cut NAS costs and adopt cloud without disrupting users and applications


How to Delay Your Next NAS Expansion

On-Demand: June 1, 2017

Join Cloudian and Komprise for this joint webinar and learn

  • How to identify the space-wasting data in your storage environment
  • The ROI of implementing a disk-based active archive
  • How to implement tiering that is 100% transparent to users
  • What file attributes most IT managers employ for storage tiering


PacBio and Komprise Customer Webinar

On-Demand: May 31, 2017

View the on-demand webinar to learn about data management challenges Pacific Biosciences faced and how Komprise helped them cut costs and architect a proper data management foundation for growth.


Scality & Komprise Software Solution

On-Demand: April 6, 2017

Simplified data management and analytics for the enterprise.


Quantum & Komprise Software Solution

On-Demand: Jan 25, 2017 

Address today’s data growth while cutting costs with Quantum and Komprise. See how you can get analytics across your storage and see how your data is growing and being used.