Global Namespace vs Global File System

Global Namespace vs

Global File System 

What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

It’s easy to see the appeal of a single control plane to access and manage data no matter where it lives. But investing in the right technology to deliver data visibility, access and management without lock-in, and unnecessary performance overhead and costs can be difficult without a clear set of requirements.

This paper summarizes the differences between a global namespace and a global file system (GFS) and reviews the benefits that Komprise Intelligent Data Management delivers sitting outside of the hot data path.


The paper reviews:

  • Why a Global Namespace?
  • Differences Between a Global Namespace and a Global File System
  • When to Use a Global File System vs a Global Namespace
  • Questions to Ask Vendors

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    Do you need to be able to analyze, move and manage data across systems and right place data based on policy? Or is your primary requirement to collaborate across teams and locations? Knowing this will determine if a global file system that fronts all of your data is needed or if storage-agnostic unstructured data management that is never in the hot data path is a better solution.

    Download this unstructured data management white paper to learn more.


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