Komprise: Know First. Move Smart. Take Control.

In this brief overview of Komprise, see some of the analysis capabilities of the Intelligent Data Management platform.


Komprise Intelligent Data Management

Komprise delivers an analytics-driven SaaS platform to manage and mobilize all your unstructured data. With Komprise Intelligent Data Management, enterprise IT teams can easily analyze, search and use unstructured data across silos to deliver greater visibility, mobility and value. They can create policy-driven automated workflows to find, tag and move data to the right storage at the right time to meet a variety of needs from data protection and compliance, to cost savings and to feed AI applications.

  • KNOW FIRST: Komprise customers save on average 70% on storage, backup and cloud costs with intelligent data tiering.
  • MOVE SMART: Move to the cloud 27x faster with smart data migration and see a dramatic reduction in time spent preparing data for analytics workflows with our Global File Index.
  • TAKE CONTROL: Save and make money on your unstructured data with Komprise. No lock-in. Never in the hot data path. Do disruption all value.

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