How Pfizer Reversed Two Decades of Rising Storage Costs


Pfizer set out to analyze the petabytes of unstructured files it had on high-performance, on-premises storage to identify what could be moved to the cloud and migrate it there. But Pfizer’s IT leaders needed to do this without compromising how users and applications access the data nor affecting the performance of its existing storage infrastructure.

Data-heavy enterprises have mountains of cold data clogging their storage and backups. Yet most IT teams don’t know what can be moved to lower-tier storage or how to find it, because they never know when that data may become mission-critical again.

When the company is pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the issue of “right-placing” aging, cold data is not just a data hygiene challenge, but one that could affect the health of millions.

  • Pfizer is saving 75% on storage using Komprise to analyze and continuously tier and migrate cold data to Amazon S3 as it ages.
  • Storage managers and researchers are finding additional benefits from analytics-driven unstructured data management, including zero user disruption and a foundation for delivering self-service to line of business teams.

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Komprise cloud tiering helped Pfizer turn the tide on 20 years of increasing data storage costs. The strategy included tiering colder data to AWS, while keeping it instantly available for research, without changing how users and applications access their files.

Download the case study and watch the webinar to learn:

  • How to leverage analytics across multi-vendor storage environments to better plan data management and map out a path for moving data to the cloud.
  • How to do this in line with your existing storage policies, while keeping both storage and migration costs under control and avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • How to benefit from access to cloud-native data using cloud-based Big Data, AI and scalable data lakes.
Watch the Komprise and AWS webinar to find out how they did it.
Read the blog post for more details.

Whether you’re an IT practitioner needing continued access to cold data, a CIO looking to balance the needs of your in-house researchers and your finance department, or a CISO looking to ensure that your data reserves are safe, learn more about Komprise and Pfizer and be sure to schedule a demonstration of Komprise Intelligent Data Management for your team today.


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