Leading Idaho Health System Selects Komprise to Right-Place Data and Bolster Disaster Recovery

St. Luke’s Health System is adopting Komprise to tier cold files from Flash and free up space for data snapshots with potential of 80% savings on overall storage and backup costs.

Campbell, CA—October 21, 2021Komprise, the leader in analytics-driven data management, announces that St. Luke’s Health System, a nonprofit health system based in Boise, Idaho, has selected Komprise to implement a tiered data management strategy. Recognized as a Top-15 health system for eight straight years by Fortune/IBM Watson Health, St. Luke’s is using Komprise to right-place unstructured data and save over 80% of storage and backup costs. St. Luke’s, like many healthcare organizations with petabytes of data residing on expensive NAS storage, is challenged by needing to maintain files for years yet storage costs are now comprising large percentages of IT budgets.

“We have 20 years of files from various medical systems and we have been treating all data the same,” says Brett Sayles, storage engineer with St. Luke’s. “We are nearing capacity on our NetApp and Pure storage, and we know that a lot of these files can go to cheaper storage.” The capacity issues have also strained the organization’s abilities to retain data snapshots for disaster recovery purposes. St. Luke’s was only able to store three days of snapshots and with ransomware threats an urgent reality, this puts data at risk.

St. Luke’s will use Komprise to archive data from Pure Storage Flash Array and NetApp to secondary storage on Qumulo spinning disk. Data will be archived according to policies set for specific applications and file types. Next, St. Luke’s will clean up IT department shares and delete files or archive them to Qumulo, using Komprise. Sayles says that Komprise’s Transparent Move Technology (TMT™) which uses industry-standard symlinks to move data so that users don’t experience any change of access while files are accessible from both the original and the secondary storage is a great advantage: “Komprise does what it says by being simple.” 

St. Luke’s expects to save as much as 80% on storage with this initiative. The healthcare organization will also leverage Deep Analytics capabilities in Komprise to understand the unique requirements of different clinical file types so that IT can create the optimal storage environment for short and long-term access needs.

“We love working with customers like St. Luke’s which have compelling needs to optimize data management on behalf of critical initiatives such as patient care,” says Kumar Goswami, CEO and Co-founder of Komprise. “St. Luke’s is on the forefront of a new era where organizations are treating data as a separate layer from storage so they can segment and manage it efficiently according to usage and value while meeting ongoing compliance requirements.”


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