With worldwide data doubling every year, the need for additional storage is inevitable. But estimating exactly how much your organization will need is difficult to predict, making significant executive budget requests reliant on educated guesses. Komprise Dynamic Data Analytics provides all the information you need to better understand your data across all storage, see how quickly it’s growing, and provide clear reports that show your storage needs. You can even explore different scenarios based on variable policies and get an instant storage cost analysis for each.



  • Analyze billions of files in hours, not days without having to move the files first 
  • Get usage information like space taken by file types, top users and when they last accessed their data
  • Identify cold data that could be moved to cheaper storage


  • Run “what if” scenarios based on different archive, replication, and data management policies to see what works best
  • Interactively determine storage needs based on data growth and strategy
  • Predictable data management planning as your business evolves


  • Leverage Komprise Intelligent Data Management to implement any or all your “what if” scenarios—included at no additional cost
  • Komprise reports are an easy communication vehicle to executives and key stakeholders about the state of your company’s data
  • Analytics-driven data management strategies that have storage-capacity planning capabilities are proven to save significant costs and increase performance
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