Smart Data Workflows with Komprise

An introduction to Smart Data Workflows, including a use case demonstration of this new functionality. Automate data discovery, deliver the right cloud native data.


Automate Data Discovery and Deliver the Right Cloud Native Data

AI, ML and all the variants including deep learning and natural language processing are tools of the trade now in our data-driven society. Yet the one thing that machine learning requires for uncovering new insights and patterns is unstructured data — a lot of it. Cloud Data Lakes need the right data and they need it now.

With Komprise, IT users can now create automated unstructured data workflows for all the steps required to find the right data across storage silos, tag and enrich the data, and send it to external tools for analysis.

In this session, Mike Peercy, CTO & Co-Founder of Komprise, along with Krishna Subramanian COO & Co-Founder, will introduce Smart Data Workflows and provide a use case demonstration of this new Komprise Intelligent Data Management Platform functionality.

Recorded in Santa Clara, CA on June 24, 2022 as part of Cloud Field Day 14.

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