Case Study: Biosciences Leader Manages Explosive Sequencing Data Growth and Saves 60%

“Projecting a three-year 28X data increase, we could knock out walls and build more data centers, but for what? We needed a platform on which to grow our business.”
– Jay Smestad
Senior Director of Infrastructure, PacBio

The Challenge

Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) produces genomic sequencers that are accelerating the pace of genomic discovery—and it’s creating a deluge of data through manufacturing, testing, and R&D. Its sophisticated systems provide the fastest, most complete genome analysis available, with each generation of the technology producing more data than the last.

“As we iterate our technology, we are looking at a 28X increase in data compounded over three years,” says Jay Smestad, Senior Director of Infrastructure Architecture at PacBio. “We could knock out walls and build more data centers, but for what? We needed a platform on which to grow our business.”

The Solution

With 4.7PB of data—and more generated daily—PacBio turned to Komprise Intelligent Data Management to gain insight into data growth and usage across its heterogeneous storage environment. Komprise provided a real-time analysis of PacBio’s environment, showing how data was growing, which data was active, and which data could be moved to secondary storage for cost savings.

  • Komprise data management software
  • NetApp FAS storage NetApp E-Series storage
  • NetApp FlexArray® software

Using Komprise’s analysis, PacBio began standardizing its primary environment on NetApp FAS systems and added a petabyte of ultradense NetApp E-Series storage for archiving. Komprise transparently moved data to and from the archive based on predetermined policies, keeping only active data on primary storage.

The Results

By using Komprise and NetApp, PacBio was able to:

  • Reduce costs by 60% by moving storage to a lower tier
  • Provide visibility into their storage to build a proper foundation for growth
  • Standardize its primary environment on NetApp FAS system for archiving

“Komprise gave us data management at scale,” explains Smestad. “How much data do we have? Where does it live? Who owns it? When was it last accessed? Komprise’s ROI analysis showed us that we could save 60% by moving storage to a lower tier.”

“Komprise gave us visibility into our storage so that we could build a proper foundation for growth,” said Smestad. “That’s where NetApp came in.” They chose to standardize on NetApp because it offers the most flexibility on a proven platform.

Looking Ahead

Smestad is already preparing for the coming data storm from their next generation of technology—starting with the NetApp StorageGRID® Webscale object storage appliance. Komprise integrates with the comprehensive metadata capabilities of StorageGRID to make tagging and finding data faster and easier, providing new insights into data.

“How do you search data when you have six, ten, or a hundred petabytes?” asks Smestad. “Komprise’s integration with StorageGRID Webscale is exciting because it gives us a tool to do that. Our partnership with NetApp and Komprise will enable us to better support the business even as we grow.”

“How do you search data when you have 6, 10, or 100 petabytes? Komprise’s integration with StorageGRID Webscale gives us a tool to do that.”


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