Engineering Data Management – Reduce Costs with Komprise

Engineering data management is a challenge as engineering design continues to become more sophisticated, generating even more data. – Komprise can help reduce costs by 70% by identifying and transparently moving cold data to cloud storage options.

As engineering design becomes more sophisticated, the amount of data generated continues to grow. For example, semiconductor designs are becoming more intricate, with a tremendous amount of functionality packed into smaller and smaller chips – these new designs generate much more data than before. And since these designs have a long lifetime, the historic amount of data only adds to this problem.

For a typical engineering project, data created during the design phase is considered “hot” and needs to be accessed quickly. However, at the completion of the project, this intellectual property may need to be preserved for years even though it is infrequently accessed or cold. Also, with consolidation occurring in the industry, this data may exist across multiple platforms.

Managing data efficiently is difficult, manual, and time consuming – often requiring engineers to manually identify and move data. As a result, companies often end up keeping and managing all the data on expensive primary storage.

Komprise solves these engineering and semiconductor data management challenges by providing analytics into how data is being used, how it is growing, to help identify inactive project data and creating a transparent way to manage hot and cold data differently without changing engineering access. Simply set policies to move completed project data to more cost-effective storage targets you choose – on-premise or in the cloud. Save money, but also access the data seamlessly with no changes to users or apps.

Komprise stands apart because it gives visibility across our storage and transparently archives data across cloud and on premise.

Sr Director IT Infrastructure