The problem with primary data

Data Virtualization

Data virtualization as a concept, makes perfect sense — imagine not having to care where data lives or how it is being stored, just knowing that it will be available whenever it is needed.

Yet, in practice, data virtualization solutions have not worked — Why?  The problem with data virtualization is in how it has been implemented and what it does with primary data.

Imagine this… you are trying to hire a housekeeper to keep your house tidy. A great candidate comes along and says, “I’ll keep your house spotless, but there is a catch, you must wake up when I tell you to, eat what I tell you to, and leave the house when I tell you to. Essentially, if you follow my rules, everything will work perfectly.”

Would you hire this housekeeper?

This has been the same challenge that data virtualization solutions have faced. They get in front of the metadata and require all requests — including requests for primary data, which is hot data and accessed a lot, to go through them.

As a result, these solutions become chokepoints and create tremendous lock-in – which is why customers do not want to use them.

The solution is to provide the benefits of data virtualization without fronting the primary data.  Imagine being able to provide a redundant name space that lets you easily access any data, when you need to, and does not interfere with your access to primary data. On top of that, it does not change any user behavior on secondary, cold data

Komprise provides intelligent data management across storage, using standard protocols, without getting in front of the hot primary data or metadata paths. Download our white paper to learn more about the Komprise architecture.

So, the real problem with data virtualization is not the concept, but its implementation.

Now you can experience the benefits of data virtualization, without impacting your primary data, with Komprise Intelligent Data Management — the invisible data housekeeper.

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