The Unstructured Data Management Maturity Index

The Unstructured Data Management Maturity Index

As data management matures, unstructured (file and object) data evolves from being a storage cost center to sitting at the epicenter of value creation. To make use of unstructured data for competitive gain, it’s important to develop a strategy for managing data to meet the dual needs of cost efficiency and monetization. This 5-stage maturity model can help organizations looking to modernize unstructured data management practices.

Read this unstructured data Management maturity ebook to get an overview of:
  • The 5 stages of unstructured data management maturity.
  • Characteristics of each stage to help identify where you are today.
  • Key takeaways on your journey from storage-centric to data-centric unstructured data management.

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    How is your unstructured data management maturity?

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    Gartner noted that our industry doesn’t have a data storage problem, it has a data management problem. That’s why we founded Komprise. We see the world moving from storage administration to strategic data management and analytics. From data locked away to data free for users to securely access when needed. Read the Maturity Index and build your plan to move forward.

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