Data on the Move: Introducing Smart Data Workflow Manager for AI

In this Data on the Move discussion, Komprise cofounder and CEO Kumar Goswami introduces the Komprise Smart Data Workflow Manager and discusses how Komprise is at the intersection of AI and unstructured data.


Introducing Komprise Smart Data Workflow Manager

Komprise Smart Data Workflow Manager builds upon our Smart Data Workflow technology by delivering a point and click method to search for the right data set, configure a third-party AI service, define tags, set the schedule for how frequently the workflow should run and monitor dozens of workloads at once. Use the Smart Data Workflow Manager to simplify integrating your unstructured data securely with any AI service.

Two major issues related to AI success are:

  1. Efficiently discovering and feeding the right data to an AI platform and
  2. Enriching data sets for AI.

Both processes are highly manual, laborious tasks that are error-prone and require meticulous data governance.

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