Komprise Seamlessly Extends Enterprise Storage to new Google Cloud Storage Coldline

Komprise Seamlessly Extends Enterprise Storage to new Google Cloud Storage Coldline

Solution uses data insights to intelligently and transparently extend existing storage capacity

San Jose, Calif. October 20, 2016Komprise,  the industry-first intelligent data management solution, now enables enterprises to analyze and identify inactive data across their existing storage and transparently move the data to Google Cloud Storage offerings including the new Coldline storage class to maximize cost-savings without disrupting user access.

With no hardware to deploy, no storage agents, no static stubs, no changes to the hot data path, no complex configurations or proprietary interfaces, Komprise seamlessly works across storage environments, both on-premise and cloud. Customers use Komprise to understand data usage and growth across their existing storage infrastructure and transparently move inactive data to on-premise targets as well as to the cloud. Komprise has extended its validated support of Google Cloud Storage targets to include Coldline so IT administrators can leverage different tiers in the cloud while users and applications can continue to access the moved data without any changes.  Customers can also manage the lifecycle of data transparently across different tiers of Google Cloud Storage using Komprise.

Komprise is offering a free assessment/trial for customers who want to understand the cost benefits of using Google Cloud Storage in their environment. Sign up at: https://www.komprise.com/google/

“As data growth continues to explode, and businesses have mandates to reduce their burgeoning storage costs they are looking for ways to leverage the cloud without disrupting existing users or applications. Komprise enables customers to transparently extend their footprint to leverage the Google Cloud Storage offerings including the newly launched Coldline,” said Krishna Subramanian, COO of Komprise. “Komprise gives customers the visibility they crave into their data footprint, and enables them to leverage the cloud seamlessly without any disruption to user or application access.”

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Komprise, the first intelligent data management service, empowers businesses to efficiently manage today’s massive scale of data growth while unlocking its value. The Komprise mission is to radically simplify data management through intelligent automation. The Komprise team has a successful track record with two prior businesses of eliminating storage/IT cost and complexity. Backed by Canaan Partners, Komprise was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, go to www.komprise.com.


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