Komprise provides insights into cloud usage to optimize costs with new Cloud Data Growth Analytics for Amazon Web Services

Las Vegas, NV – December 3, 2019 — Today, Komprise announced at AWS re:Invent 2019 Komprise Cloud Data Growth Analytics, which is designed to allow Enterprises to easily understand their cloud usage across their organization so they can optimize their cloud storage.

“We created Komprise because visibility into data growth was imperative to better data management. Customer have been asking us to expand our Data Analytics capabilities to the cloud since cloud visibility has been even harder for them,” says Kumar K. Goswami, Komprise CEO.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management is extending its ability to analyze and provide visibility across storage to now include Amazon Web Services (AWS). Komprise Intelligent Data Management identifies cold data and transparently moves it to less expensive storage. Providing the same visibility into cold data in the cloud has been challenging for two reasons: 1) cloud tracks usage based on last modified and not based on last accessed 2) bucket sprawls in the cloud from different users creating different accounts. Komprise Cloud Data Growth Analytics provides customer a single view across their various cloud accounts, buckets and storage classes to optimize cloud storage:

  • Shows who is creating data, how it is growing, how it is being used, and how much it costs
  • Identifies cold data based on when it was last used vs. last modified to eliminate unnecessary data transfer costs and latencies
  • Analyzes and manages data on a single pane no matter where it lives – cloud or on-premises
  • Plans different data management strategies and visualize their cost impact
  • Enables Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) migrations using Komprise Data Migration for Amazon S3 to easily move data across clouds and Amazon S3-based object storage

Komprise will be showing a live demonstration of Cloud Data Growth Analytics at Booth 2933 at AWS re:Invent 2019.


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Komprise empowers businesses to take control of their data with no interference to applications, users, or hot data. Komprise Intelligent Data Management is the foundation for analytics-driven data management which is key to putting data in the right place at the right time across all storage. Analyze, move, and easily find your data with Komprise.

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