Komprise Empowers Enterprises to Intelligently Manage The Span and Scale of Today’s Data Growth

Komprise Empowers Enterprises to Intelligently Manage The Span and Scale of Today’s Data Growth

Data storage veterans unleash elegantrevolutionary solution that uses data insights to intelligently and transparently extend existing storage capacity and cut 70 percent of costs

San Francisco, Calif. – June 28, 2016 — Komprise, the first company allowing businesses to automatically manage enterprise data, whether in the cloud or on-premise, announces its launch today. Companies can now view a larger span of historical data, as well as data across all systems, and move costly inactive data to secondary storage – saving them millions of dollars.

With no hardware to deploy, no storage agents, no static stubs, no changes to the hot data path, no complex configurations or proprietary interfaces, Komprise seamlessly works across storage environments, both on-premise and cloud. The new solution is unique in that it not only understands what is happening across a customer’s storage, but it also adapts to the their specific needs of the environment and network. Additionally, Komprise consists of an architecture that scales on-demand so customers can grow the footprint as needed without over-provisioning.

With affordable sub-cloud pricing, Komprise cuts over 70 percent of the storage cost related to buying, operating, managing and protecting storage. More so, the solution enables organizations to increase ROI by moving less frequently accessed data to secondary storage.

The company already has partnerships with EMC, NetApp, Windows File Servers, Quantum, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, and mid-to-large size customers including Pacific Biosciences, Medplast, and Houston Housing Authority.

“Our data has been growing at an overwhelming pace, making it difficult and expensive to store and manage,” said Jay Smestad, Senior Director of IT at Pacific BioSciences. “We’d been searching for an affordable scale-out data management solution that works across our storage, and enables us to move data to where the best service and ROI for the data is, and not where the users put it, but existing solutions are expensive and often create disruption. With a tight budget, we turned to Komprise and have seen immense benefits from understanding and being able to dynamically place data. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it simple to manage with instantaneous insight.”

“Imagine needing to store more photos and videos on your phone, but the memory is full and you cannot afford to purchase more–that’s the challenge many businesses face today with their enterprise storage,” said Krishna Subramanian, COO & co-founder at Komprise. “Now imagine your phone could transparently store those additional photos and videos, while cutting 70% of costs. And, you see all your photos as if they are right there on the phone, and if you open an older photo, the image is still instantly available via the cloud, though not stored directly on the phone. This is what Komprise does for data–transparent, seamless data storage and management across a customer’s storage infrastructure – on-premise or cloud.”

“Komprise is taking a truly revolutionary approach to data management,” said Maha Ibrahim, General Partner of Canaan Partners. “They have created a “plug-in” concept that enables companies to gain a larger span and scale of data, and significantly cuts storage and management costs. If there is any team capable of helping enterprises transition to hybrid cloud, it’s this one.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Komprise and Quantum’s recent partnership just last month. Using Komprise data management, Quantum now offers a joint solution to enable businesses to seamlessly extend storage with Quantum Lattus™ and Quantum Artico™ NAS Management.

Komprise’s founding team has successfully built two prior startups to simplify complex IT infrastructures. Their last company, Kaviza, eliminated expensive storage for virtual desktops and drastically simplified deployments with a scale-out solution. The solution was successfully used by thousands of customers and was acquired by Citrix in 2011.

About Komprise

Komprise, the first intelligent data management service, empowers businesses to efficiently manage today’s massive scale of data growth while unlocking its value. The Komprise mission is to radically simplify data management through intelligent automation. Komprise’s partners and customers include top companies such as Google, Quantum, Pacific BioSciences, and NetApp. The Komprise team has a successful track record with two prior businesses of eliminating storage/IT cost and complexity. Backed by Canaan Partners, Komprise was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, go to www.komprise.com.


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