Building a Modern Data Strategy for the Automotive Industry with Komprise and AWS
Tuesday, June 28, 2022
When: Tuesday, June 28th, 9AM Pacific, 12PM Eastern
Storage is evolving and data is more valuable to automotive manufacturers than ever. Learn how Komprise and AWS are helping customers in the auto industry transform their unstructured data with data services in the cloud using an analytics-first approach.
1) Gain analytics-driven visibility of NFS, SMB and S3 data across your enterprise
2) Drive intelligent movement of target data sets to Amazon S3 for access in native format
3) Mobilize AI-ready data across Amazon S3 to leverage services like Macie, Redshift, Comprehend and more
Automotive leaders are transforming their use of unstructured data for business insights while optimizing costs and planning for the future of their data centers. Join us to learn more.
Accelerate Cloud Data Migrations to Azure with Komprise without the cost!

Through the Microsoft Azure File Migration Program, Komprise Elastic Data Migration and Analytics is now being offered to customer at zero cost, fully sponsored by Microsoft. Learn about Komprise’s powerful migration engine and analytics tools.

The company’s Intelligent Data Management and Mobility platform is focused on 3 primary customer needs:

1) Analytics-first assessments of file data
2) Intelligent data migration
3) Delivering AI-ready data

In this session, we’ll focus on the Komprise analytics and migration engine to Microsoft Azure’s file and object data platforms, Azure Files, Azure Netapp Files, and Azure Blob. There will be a LIVE DEMO of the Komprise solution to Azure, showcasing Komprise’s analytics-first user interface.

ROI Analysis with Komprise Intelligent Data Management

In this session, Komprise engineers will demonstrate using our Global File Index to create an ROI model. The demonstration will review connecting to storage, discovery of data assets across the enterprise, running analytics and cold data definition.

Analytics-Driven Data Management with Komprise and Qumulo

Komprise Intelligent Data Management gives media managers and storage admins the ability to analyze data usage and costs across any storage vendor and then automatically move data to the optimal storage tier based on performance, project, age, access needs and more.

Komprise and Qumulo make it radically simple to accelerate your storage consolidation or cloud adoption. Step into the twenty-first century of data management.

TechKrunch: Deep Analytics Actions with One Global File Index

In this 15-minute interactive discussion and demo, Komprise engineers will share how Deep Analytics Actions enables precise data management at enterprise scale. Learn how to search the Komprise Global File Index spanning petabytes of unstructured data to find specific data sets and then create a data management plan to systematically take action on your data set.

Move to the Cloud with Qumulo and Komprise
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

If your current NAS is holding you back from moving to the cloud, it’s time to discover how Qumulo and Komprise can help. Migration from legacy NAS can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools and the experts to put the plan in motion. Qumulo and Komprise have the shared mission to help customers unlock the power of their data in the cloud and have the experience to make migration from any NAS to Qumulo fast, reliable, and efficient.

Enhance Ransomware Defense – Cloud Tiering and Immutable Storage

Join us for a coffee break where Komprise engineers will present a short 10-minute demo on how to use Komprise for moving and tiering files to a WORM-Compliant object store target as additional protection against ransomware.

What is the State of Unstructured Data Management in the Enterprise?

The recently published ‘Komprise State of Unstructured Data Management Report’ found a prevailing interest in analytics, followed closely by data lakes, to foster better ROI from data management. Join the Komprise team to review the highlights of the report. We’ll discuss the implications for storage leaders in the enterprise and share key insights and recommendations from the report.

TechKrunch: Komprise TMT (Transparent Move Technology) – Dynamic Links Deep Dive

In this interactive 15-minute technical webinar, solution engineers Randy Hopkins and Eric Platt will discuss the Komprise approach to file-based data tiering, which moves all of your data and leaves a symbolic link behind so users don’t experience any change. The session includes a brief demo.

How Pfizer Used Analytics to Accelerate Cloud Data Migration

Webinar Presented by AWS and Komprise
Attend this webinar to learn how Komprise helped Pfizer stop 20 years of increasing storage costs and leverage the data tiered to AWS for research, all without changing how users and applications access their files.

Fast, Reliable, Intelligent Data Migrations from Any NAS to Qumulo

Join our team of experts to see a live demo and learn ways to find and migrate the right data from any file platform into Qumulo with speed, efficiency, and reliability. Qumulo gives you the option of running on pre-configured hardware platforms, including HPE Apollo Gen 10 or HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus servers. Hear about proven solutions for all industries including healthcare, genomics, media and entertainment, financial, higher education and public sector.

Migrating NFS & SMB Data with Komprise

Randy Hopkins, VP of Systems Engineering and Chris Dearden, Sr. Systems Engineer at Komprise, will deliver a short demo of selecting and running data migrations. They will review the Komprise Multi-Level Parallelism & Protocol Optimization to show how you can achieve 7-25x performance with your migrations. Learn a lot in just 15 minutes!

Cloud Data Migration and Cloud Data Tiering: Know Your Choices

Unstructured data is everywhere. From genomics and medical imaging to streaming video, electric cars, and IoT products, all sectors generate unstructured file data. While file data growth is exploding, IT budgets are not. That’s why enterprises need to migrate file workloads to the cloud. But not all data migration and cloud data tiering solutions are the same. Join industry experts from Komprise for an interactive discussion and live demo of cloud migration and transparent cloud tiering.

TechKrunch: Komprise Intelligent Data Management for Nutanix

Komprise makes it easy to migrate file data to Nutanix and cut ongoing costs by analyzing and transparently archiving/tiering cold data to the cloud without any disruption. Komprise scales elastically to grow as your data grows, and it moves data without any stubs, agents or changes to your hot data paths.

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