Public Sector Data Management – Reduce Costs with Komprise

Public sector organizations are always under pressure to do more with less – reducing the cost of storing and managing ever growing amounts of data is a challenge. Komprise can help reduce data management costs by 70% by identifying and transparently archiving or moving cold data to alternative storage options of the customer’s choice, either on premise or cloud.

Public sector organizations are highly sensitive to the cost of data growth; they are trying to do more with less. With limited resources and increasing data to store, this is a concern that needs to be addressed.

The volume of public sector data is staggering, including the size of the disparate entities—local, regional, national, trans-national—that are storing and using it. Each of these entities has its own storage methods and processes for their data, making it complex and time-consuming to manage.

Komprise can help with public sector management by reducing storage costs by 70%, without a need to have a highly skilled IT staff. Komprise is simple to deploy; an IT generalist can deploy the solution and in minutes, resulting in analytics on data growth and usage, allowing cold data to be actively archived and moved to less expensive storage, on premise or in the cloud, while archived data is transparently accessed exactly as before, and the cost of managing, replicating and backups of this footprint is greatly reduced.

Komprise is so fast, easy and intuitive – in 15 minutes, we had everything up and running!

Wendy Caesar, Director of Information Technology