Media and Entertainment Data Management – Reduce Costs with Komprise

Media and entertainment organizations have vast amounts of post-production assets that they need to maintain, manage and keep accessible. As the fidelity of media and gaming assets grows, so does the amount of data it generates. Komprise helps media organizations identify inefficiencies in storing and managing data and helps reduce costs by 70% by moving inactive cold data to alternative cheaper storage options of the customer’s choice, by making these archives actively accessible exactly as before, and by reducing the costs of managing, replicating and protecting this data.

Media and entertainment organizations have unique challenges – the need to maintain post-production assets after creation – this data needs to be available on demand for ongoing monetization but is often cold and rarely accessed. This creates a unique need to transparently manage cold data efficiently without compromising access.

Komprise helps with media and entertainment data management and reduces storage costs by 70% by efficiently archiving cold data to secondary storage on premise or in the cloud. In addition, analytics from the Komprise platform can inform what content is hot or cold – providing key analytics to organizations to create policies to maximize ROI.