Case Study: Major West Coast University Cuts Data Replication Costs

“Now our faculty can be up and running in minutes in an emergency. With Komprise we can have DR in the cloud at a fraction of the cost.”
Major Research University


The Data Storage Challenge

A major West Coast research university had accumulated petabytes of data on their Network Attached Storage (NAS). Protecting this data by keeping a Data Replication (DR) copy on a mirrored environment was too expensive. As a result, most of the NAS data was not replicated, putting the University at risk of data loss. The university wanted to see how they could leverage the public cloud to store a DR copy of their NAS data, without having to upgrade their network or incur sizable backup software costs.

The Data Management Solution

Using Komprise, the university was able to see that over 60% of the data on the NAS had not been accessed in over a year. They were able to calculate that keeping a DR copy in the cloud vs. on premises would be 70% less expensive.

Komprise used spare network availability and storage cycles to copy data from their NAS into Google Cloud. The university experienced no changes or impact to their network and storage infrastructure or to users or applications.

Intelligent Data Management Results

The university now has a replicate copy of data in the cloud, which can be accessed in a DR scenario or by students and faculty for an application in the cloud. With Komprise they were able to:

  • Lower costs – They achieved a DR SLA without additional costs, and at 30% of what it would have cost on-premises.
  • Achieve cloud DR without affecting network, storage or users – They were able to get a DR copy in the cloud without any interruption to students, faculty, network activities, and without any changes to network or storage infrastructure.
  • Dynamically scale resources without over-provisioning – Komprise was deployed without any additional hardware or storage investments. They were able to scale Komprise up and down as needed and optimize their virtual machine resources.
  • Protect data against disaster – Students and faculty now have a DR copy in the cloud in the event of a disaster and for cloud-native access. Other sites can run apps in the cloud on that data without reaching back on-premises.

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