Komprise Recognized as an IDC Innovator

ESG performed a detailed evaluation of the Komprise Intelligent Data Management solution by participating in a solution briefing and an in-depth, hands-on demo.


Report: Komprise Recognized as an IDC Innovator for Unstructured Data Analytics and Intelligent Data Management

Over 90% of the data we produce is unstructured (source: IDC’s Global Datasphere 2023) and it is a key asset of enterprise intelligence as well as a big part of data storage costs. Komprise reduces the complexities with managing unstructured data growth with location-agnostic file analysis and indexing. That analysis is purpose-built to not “get in the way” (i.e., it will not disrupt data movement and operations).

“Komprise’s Intelligent Data Management helps the enterprise do two valuable things: unlock the value hidden in unstructured data and reduce storage costs. Proper metadata tagging and access ensures AI solutions can extract and present the right data, at the right time, and to the right person. Intelligent Data Management prepares unstructured data for AI consumers such as data lakes that feed into enterprise applications, including knowledge management platforms. The platform enables multiple use cases: migration, data tiering, replication, workflows, and AI preparedness.”


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