Financial Services Data Management – Reduce Costs with Komprise

Financial Service organizations struggle with managing a growing volume of data, both new and legacy – Komprise helps reduce costs by 70% by identifying, actively archiving, replicating and managing cold data with less expensive alternative on-premise and cloud storage options.

Financial Service firms grapple with data management in both the growth of new technologies and from a legacy perspective. Since the crash of 2008, data management regulatory requirements have expanded while new data sources have been added to create more effective returns. At the same time, legacy data is growing, a lot of which belongs to “zombie users” who are no longer with the firm, yet both old and new data is often consuming the same expensive resources.

It’s said that up to 60 percent of the increase in data since 2008 has been due to this additional regulation – it may have little direct business value, but must be retained for long periods of time, if not forever. Another issue for financial services firms is that the bulk of the data is unstructured. Unstructured data is more difficult for financial firms to manage as it has greater variety, volume, and is growing at rapid velocity.

Komprise can help solve these financial services data management challenges by giving firms unprecedented visibility into your data. Simply point Komprise at your data storage and get instant analytics into data growth and usage of all your unstructured data. Identify cold data and data belonging to zombie and inactive users. Manage data, archive cold and zombie data transparently to cloud and secondary storage while users continue to access the data exactly as before. Reduce backup costs by eliminating needless replication and backups of footprint that is not changing. Lower replication costs using cloud and object storage options. Komprise helps you manage your growing trove of data seamlessly, with a 70% cost savings, no storage lock-in and no changes to users or apps.

Komprise shows the zombie data and the millions we can save – visibility we never had before.

VP Global Storage