Fast, Anytime access to your inactive data!

Data archiving is a term used to move inactive (cold) data to a secondary cheaper storage unit.   Studies show that in most organizations, 70% or more of data has not been accessed in over 60 days, yet this data continues to live in production servers and on expensive primary storage systems, and is replicated and managed on expensive storage, consuming unnecessary capacity, management costs, bandwidth, and process cycles.  Inactive data does not need to be managed in the same manner as active data.

Keeping all data on primary storage is inefficient and costly for IT organization. This approach creates two key storage challenges:

  • Simply adding storage capacity drives up costs for both storage and management.
  • Manually managing across heterogeneous storage systems and silos increases administrative overhead and frustration.

The Komprise solution enables you to manage inactive data differently than active data. By moving inactive data to a cheaper secondary storage, you can save up to 70% on your storage costs, while freeing up precious tier-1 storage capacity.  Implemented correctly, Cloud based and on-premise storage can be highly available and affordable archiving solutions.  Komprise provides you with a live, always on, always accessible archive with full file-based access to moved data even when the data is archived to object or cloud storage.

With Komprise, IT organizations can now simply create a live archive without impacting their user’s experience.  This allows for instant, anytime access to all data without any changes to user or application access.   The total transparency of the solution differentiates Komprise from all other approaches.   The archived data appears and acts as if it were still on expensive primary storage.

With Komprise you get all the data transparency benefits of extending primary storage at a significantly reduced cost by leveraging cost-efficient secondary storage such as cloud and object storage.

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What Komprise is doing is really interesting in that they can look at data from all aspects, whether it’s capacity that needs to be reduced or better utilized by storing it on a different tier, like the cloud.

Analyst, SSG-Now