Tier data, archive, replicate and move data from primary NAS to more cost-effective long-term storage without any disruption. Migrate NAS and object data on-premises and in the cloud quickly, reliably, and at scale. Optimize cloud storage costs with analytics-driven cloud tiering and archival. Build a Global File Index to easily find, tag and take action on the right data at the right time and feed analytics and machine learning engines. Komprise uses open standards such as NFS, SMB / CIFS and REST/S3, making it “storage agnostic” and able to work in any environment.

Current Supported Platforms

Amazon S3 (including Glacier Deep Archive, Glacier Flexible Retrieval, Glacier Instant Retrieval), EFS, FSx for NetApp ONTAP, FSx for Windows File Server, GovCloud, Outposts Snowball Pure Storage FlashBlade and FlashArray Files
Cloudian HyperStore  Quantum ActiveScale
Cohesity SmartFiles Qumulo File Fabric
Dell EMC PowerScale Isilon, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), Unity, VNX Scality RING
Google Cloud Storage VAST Data Platform
IBM Cloud Object Storage System Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
Microsoft Azure Blob, Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008 R2 Other Standard NAS*
NetApp 9 Cluster Mode, 8 Cluster Mode, 8 7-Mode, 7, NetApp StorageGRID Other Standard S3**
Nutanix Files

* “Other Standard NAS” allows customers to have Komprise manage any NAS storage that is not officially supported by Komprise (i.e., is not named in this list), but which provides support for standard NFS and SMB protocols and thus should work. (Komprise tests this option using iXsystems TrueNAS.)

** “Other Standard S3” allows customers to have Komprise manage any object storage that is S3-compatible and not on the officially supported list but supports S3 APIs and thus should work. (Connect to such storage by picking EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) in the dropdown.)

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