AWS Cloud File Migration Using Komprise

Cut NAS Costs and Streamline Cloud File Migration to AWS with Komprise

Enterprises are inundated with unstructured data, yet ~70% of it is rarely accessed. Storing and replicating cold data on high-performance, high-cost primary storage systems makes no sense — especially when IT budgets are flat or shrinking.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management can help you understand and move your file data workloads to more cost-effective solutions, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) — without any access disruption.

Smarter Unstructured Data Decisions

Komprise enables organizations to seamlessly understand their file and object data, to identify and move the right data to AWS. In under 15 minutes, organizations can:

  • Understand data growth and usage across NFS and SMB data storage
  • Get a custom ROI analysis based on policies
  • Start automating data migration and tiering to AWS Storage Classes—to start saving

Smart Data Migration for AWS

Instant ROI

Based on the policies you set, Komprise instantly projects the estimated primary storage capacity that will be freed up and the projected cost savings of moving data to secondary storage. You can easily move from different AWS storage classes, including Amazon S3, Amazon S3 IA, Amazon Glacier, etc. which offer ultra low-cost, pay-per-use storage for your cold data, as targets for the data. Input your own costs to create
a customized ROI and three-year cost savings projection for your organization.

Unstructured Data Management ROI

Using the cloud no longer means disrupting users or changing their access. Komprise delivers file-based NFS and SMB access to data stored as objects, so users and applications have immediate access to the moved data as if it was still on the original storage. With Transparent Move TechnologyTM, Komprise leaves the active data and control paths unchanged, so access to hot data has no performance degradation.


  • Instant ROI: Cut 70%+ of costs on every terabyte managed with AWS and Komprise
  • Zero disruption: Users see moved data as files, even though they’re stored as objects in AWS
  • No stubs, no agents, no lock-in: Using open standards avoids complications managing data
  • Ease of use: Komprise runs as virtual machines without dedicated infrastructure
  • Modern architecture:
    Handle today’s massive scale of data using intelligent automation that grows on demand

No Stubs, No Agents, No Lock-in

Komprise manages data across your storage without the use of problematic static stubs or agents, which are difficult to manage and create vendor lock-in. Instead, Komprise uses open protocols, such as NFS, SMB and REST/S3, so that data can be moved across storage solutions without vendor lock-in. 

Komprise’s scalable architecture works across any storage using standard protocols—with no interference to hot data, metadata or network paths.

Simple to Use: Fast Time to Value

With Komprise, organizations can seamlessly identify and move the right data to AWS. In under 15 minutes, you can understand your data growth and usage across your NFS and SMB storage, get a custom ROI analysis based on specific policies, and start moving data to AWS Storage Classes to save costs.

Modern, Scale-Out Architecture

AWS offers secure, scalable, durable, and low-cost solutions for data storage. Pair this with the Komprise scale-out, shared-nothing grid architecture with an analytics-driven approach, and you have a solution stack that grows on demand and lets you handle today’s massive scale of data, using intelligent automation.

Komprise is built from the ground up with no centralized bottlenecks and uses no central servers that limit scalability or present a single point of failure. With high-availability built-in, Komprise handles scale-out by simply allowing you to add more virtual appliances as the amount of data managed grows.

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