Want to Save on Data Storage and Backup Costs?

Migrate File Data Faster? Archive without Disruption?

It’s all possible with Komprise Intelligent Data Management


Analyze data across all your storage to know how much you have, what kind, who’s using it, and how fast it’s growing. Explore different policy scenarios with reports that show potential data storage savings. Read the Komprise Analysis overview white paper.

View reports based on:

  • File types, sizes, and owners
  • Top groups, directories, and shares
  • Interactive planning
  • Data storage cost savings


Get visibility and actionable analysis into your cloud data, so you can understand data growth across your clouds and help move cold data to optimize data storage costs.

Cloud Data Storage usage reports provide:

  • Single view across cloud accounts, buckets, and storage classes
  • Identification of cold data based on last used vs last modified
  • Cloud storage cost optimization

Finding just the right data across billions of files can be a time-consuming challenge. Quickly search and find files that fit your criteria across all your storage. Use a Global File Index, a virtual metadata lake, for Big Data, AI, and ML.

  • Unified search across silos
  • Custom queries
  • Easy visualization and reporting
  • Custom tagging
  • API and UI driven
  • Zero impact, zero management

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