Making Smarter Moves in a Multicloud World


The Challenges of Managing Cloud Data: Low Visibility and Complex Pricing

Even though managing cloud costs is now a top priority, 80% of businesses will overspend their cloud infrastructure budgets. Gartner says it’s from a lack of cloud cost optimization, and it’s not hard to see why.

Today we announced Komprise Intelligent Data Management for Multicloud that helps control costs and provide insight into your cloud usage. Read the press release here.

Challenges of Managing Cloud Data

Managing cloud data costs is tough: lots of manual effort, multiple tools, and constant monitoring. As a result, companies are using less than 20% of the cloud cost-saving options available to them. “Bucket sprawl” makes matters worse, as users quickly and easily create accounts and buckets and fill them with data—some of which is never accessed again.

Cloud administrators are trying to optimize cloud data and have to battle with poor visibility and complexity. It’s hard to get a holistic picture of the data you have across accounts, buckets and sometimes even across multiple clouds. How do you know how much of that data is being used, how fast it’s growing and what your costs are going to be in a few months? Estimating these numbers can be daunting – with all the various storage costs, access costs, transition costs and so on. It’s just too difficult, as shown in this cloud savings infographic.

Multicloud Data Management and Cloud Cost Optimization

What’s needed is radical simplification to take the pain out of managing cloud data and saving costs. And Komprise delivered.

Komprise extended capabilities of Komprise Intelligent Data Management to include cloud data to answer those needs. It gives customers a better way to manage their cloud data as it grows, (combat “bucket sprawl”), gives visibility into their cloud costs, and provides a simple way to manage data both on premises and in the cloud. Komprise now provides enterprises with actionable analytics to not only understand their cloud data costs but also optimize them with data lifecycle management.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management for Multicloud removes the complexity of managing cloud data within a cloud and across clouds with a single set of tools, policies, and data management functions for today’s multicloud world. It takes your data size and data access patterns into account to intelligently and optimally store and manage your data. Check out the demo video here.

Consider all you can see, know, and do with your cloud data with Komprise:

  1. Analyze your data across clouds, accounts, and buckets based on last access time.
  2. Try out “what-if” archiving scenarios to determine cost savings.
  3. Tier and archive data based on highly accurate last-access time.
  4. Migrate data within and across clouds with high fidelity.
  5. Use custom queries to search and tag your data and feed AI and ML applications and extract the most from your hot and cold data.

I want to highlight that we tier and archive data based on access time as opposed to modify time. The former is a much more accurate prediction of whether data will be accessed or not, and allows us to automatically tier and archive more data and to lower tiers without having to pay inadvertent access costs. Using this, we can dramatically reduce the cost of cloud storage by 50% or more. Our white paper gives more details.

Komprise just took the hassle out of cloud data management. Use it to migrate data to the cloud and between clouds and then efficiently manage where it’s stored to dramatically reduce costs and run customer queries across all of your buckets to find the needle across your haystacks and feed your AI/ML applications. To get a free trial of Komprise with your cloud data, sign up here.

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