Make ROI-Driven Storage Decisions

Data is growing fast but IT budgets and resources are tight. How can you do more with less – manage growing data sprawl, leverage new storage options such as the cloud or object storage or flash, often from multiple vendors, without disrupting user and application access, all within tight resource constraints?

Komprise is intuitive data management software that works across NFS, SMB/CIFS and REST/S3 storage to:

  • provide visibility into your data growth and usage
  • forecast ROI and help you plan data management policies
  • transparently manage data across storage so you have a live archive of data, and low cost replication and data protection
  • provide file access to moved data that may be on cloud or object storage, so users and applications see no changes

Komprise does this with no new storage silos, no dedicated infrastructure, no storage agents, and no complexity. Komprise adapts to your environment so it runs invisibly in the background without interfering with active usage of your primary storage.