Make ROI-Driven Storage Decisions

Most IT organizations are struggling to squeeze in rapid data growth within tight budgets.

Yet you often have to make key decisions in the dark:

  • How much new storage capacity is needed?
  • How to make Flash cost-efficient?
  • How to leverage the cloud?
  • How much is stale  cold data costing the business?

Komprise gives visibility across storage so you can make ROI-driven decisions with insight and streamline data/storage costs by 70%+.

See who is using your data, how much cold data you have, how fast your data is growing, and identify where the data management inefficiencies are.

Plan your storage capacity, forecast the ROI of data management policies for data archival, replication, and backup/protection with your cost models. Try different secondary object/cloud storage options to see what’s best for you.

And, when you go live, Komprise manages data by your policies transparently with no changes to user and application access.