Komprise is dead simple to use, it manages and replicates across on premise and clouds.
Bill Moore, EMC Fellow, Co-author ZFS

Protect your data without mirroring NAS
Most organizations keep an identical mirror of their storage to protect from hardware failure and disasters. But this doubles the costs, and as data footprint grows, it becomes very expensive.

DR for the data you choose
Komprise puts a DR copy of the data you choose, so you don’t have to replicate all your data. For instance, you can choose to keep a DR copy in the cloud of just the data modified in the last 6 months.

Choose Your DR location
Choose where you want the DR copy. Komprise copies data to cloud or on premise targets of your choice.

Access DR Data in the Cloud
Komprise provides full file access with all the NTFS permissions preserved on the DR data. So you can directly access the copied data in the cloud in case of a disaster.

Simple, Automated, Efficient
Simply set your DR policy in Komprise, and it does the rest. No more headaches. As data changes on your storage, Komprise updates the DR copy regularly.

70%+ Savings
Cut Storage, DR, and backup costs on every terabyte moved